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Congratulations Hurricanes on a great 2016 season!  

Link to banquet slide show

Coaches Award Recipients

6 and Under - Teresa Grohman and Tyler Tropsha

7-8 - Sophia Camp and Charlie Sutorus

9-10 - Ameila Judge and James Batten

11-12 - Mary Caroline Eaton and James Van Nort

13-14 - Claudia Vasbinder and Holland Stallings

15 and Up - Gracie Koch and Cole Siemasko

Hurricane Rocks Award Recipients

6 and Under - Natalie Thompson and Levi Sutorus

7-8 - Molly Monahan and Carter Reddin

9-10 - Caroline Garbarino and Grant Swegan

11-12 - Reese Swegan and Hayden Stallings

13-14 - Juliana Jones and Thomas Quirk

15 and Up - Ellie Wilkoff and Will Silander

Most Improved Recipiants

6 and Under - Ella Skudlarick and Gavin Reddin

7-8 - Jane Neil and John Luke Barnhardt

9-10 - Dylan Hackett and Jack Lawrence

11-12 - Margaret Saffer and Barritt Chambers

13 and up - Katie Batten and Thomas Courtney

High Point Award Recipients- Laura Davis and Devin Blake

Hurricane Award Recipients- Caroline Van Nort and Nate Miller

2016 HHST Funny Award Recipients

Lost At Sea Award - Luke Hill

Best Hembstead Body Art Ever and For All Eternity - Eaton Family

Best Smilers Award - Jaime Dinkin, Margaret Saffer, and Nelly Starkey

Most Enthusiastic and Best Dancer Award - Rupert Starkey

Best Hugger Award - Ryan Sumwalt

Most Violent High Five Award - Mary Miller

Coach Bill’s Deep End Gang Award - Guy Garbarino, Hamilton Stallings, and Grayson Ard

The Newcomer Award - The Neil Family

Best Comment in the History of HHST Award - “Coach “ Guy Garbarino

Best Suits and Caps Award - Harrison Monahan and Will Brody

Perpetual Thief Award - Caroline Trout

The Great Awakening Award - Maya Zaidman and Mary Campbell Stewart

The Great White Shark Award - Ella Skudlarick

Swims with a Smile Award - Julian Starkey

Most Coachable Family Award - Stallings boys

Most Nicknames Award - Clara B. Milheim

The Caroline Award - all the Carolines 

Most fun to be around Award - The Mollys - Silly and Crazy (Brody and Monahan)

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